What is Dads' Night ? - In The General Sense

Dads' Night is a 90-minute production of silly skits, songs, and commercials put on by Lincoln School Dads to entertain their Lincoln School Students.  2008 marked the 9th year that we held this event and involved more than 60 dads.  In addition, we use the event as a fundraiser for the Lincoln School PTO.  While we charge a minimal admission, we engage the local community for financial support. This year, we were able to raise over $7000 for Lincoln School.  Over the past years, we have purchased a new sound system for the gym and computerized white boards for our class rooms.

What is Dads' Night ? - A Chance To Meet Other Dads

While Lincoln School has many groups and opportunities for the Moms to meet, it can be difficult for the Dads to build a social circle.  Dads Night was designed as a chance for Dads to grow their social circles and it works quite well.  Between working together designing skits, rehearsing in silly attire, or meeting at the Brownstone to plan, you have a great opportunity to meet other Dads.

What is Dads' Night ? - You Don't Have To Be Andrew Lloyd Weber/Sean Connery/Michael Bolton...

The good news is that most of the Dads that partake in Dads Night are just plain old dads and not professional signers, actors, musicians, etc.  At the end of the night, our children don't care.  What gets the best reaction from the students are simple, silly jokes and sight gags.  It doesn't take too much talent to get a pie in the face !  And if you really don't want to be on stage, we still need people to work the lights, curtains, sound, video, concessions, and crowd control.

What is Dads' Night ? - A Chance To Be A Hero To Your Child

You can only imagine the delight in your child's eyes when you walk out on stage.  To them, you become a super hero.  You can do no wrong.  If you want your child talking about you for the next 6 months, get up on stage and have some fun.